Blockchain Decrypted was founded by Will Salisbury and Scott Hawksworth in January of 2018, but its origins date back much earlier. The site and podcast began after Will shared his incredible journey into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with Scott. Inspired, they both decided to help others learn more about the technology and even trade cryptos.

It’s a story worth repeating here in Will’s own words…

Will’s Story (What Really Inspired Blockchain Decrypted)

My foray into the world of blockchain technology began when I was browsing through files from an old hard drive. I was frustrated with my job as a website owner for a lot of reasons. Chief among them, was that after working for over a year designing and putting content… I was making peanuts.

Being depressed (and a little bored), I opened up my desktop and noticed a “bitcoin” folder from over two years previous. I’d made a bitcoin trading chart marked with a possible spot to buy. The price of bitcoin at the time I’d created the chart? $600 dollars.

That moment was a turning point for me, though I didn’t know it yet. After uttering several expletives, I let the reality sink in… Bitcoin was over twenty times that price when I checked it.

I’d missed a huge opportunity because of fear, laziness… or maybe a bit of both. From that point forward, I decided I wouldn’t allow myself to be on the outside of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies looking in. There were simply too many opportunities to pass up.

Not five minutes after that, I started the process of researching cryptocurrency investing strategies and the foundations of blockchain. After about four months of research and study, I was ready to invest in my first cryptocurrency and begin day trading.

The result?

I made over 20,000 dollars profit in two months.

Was this luck? Simply buying at the right time? No. My methods can be used by anyone, and are extremely reliable. My (and Scott’s) goal is to create a platform that educates others in both blockchain technology and the methods I used for investing in cryptocurrency. You can read more about these methods [here.] (link to Will’s methods article)

Our mission!

So that’s the history, but now we turn to the present.. What we’re trying to accomplish with Blockchain Decrypted.

Simply put, we aim to educate people both about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Whether you want to dive into crypto trading for profit, or simply learn about how blockchain is changing the world… we’ve got you covered.

The opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields are limitless, and we’re still only just scratching the surface.

If our website opens your eyes to the potential, and can guide you while investing in cryptos, companies utilizing blockchain, or the technology itself… then we will have done our jobs!

So now you know what we’re all about, keep reading to find out more about us as individuals and to get in contact!

Will Salisbury: Co-Founder

Will Salisbury has worked as a day trader, website manager and CEO for over ten years. He loves helping other people in whatever way he can, and is using this website to help them financially. Will is self taught in the field of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, but he has a strong background in stock trading. He has a passion for both the blockchain and cryptocurrency and believes they’re going to be a massive innovation for the future. Will sees the invention of cryptocurrency and the blockchain similarly to the invention of the internet. He also believes they will be just as impactful. Will is also a futurist and loves hearing about the latest technological developments of all kinds. His ultimate goal is to create a community and following of people whom he can educate, and along the way learn a lot more about the blockchain himself.

Additionally, Will has dipped his toe in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and cryptocurrency mining fields. Will also writes on Quora as a hobby, and has over 17,500 views on his answers. He’s started delving into answering questions on Quora about the blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, but his primary focus is providing valuable information on this site.

When he’s not researching or enthusing about all things blockchain, Will plays video games, reads tons of science fiction books and practices Tai Chi. He’s a graduate of the University of Michigan, and lives in Livonia, Michigan with his two cats Casper and Tai Chi, and his two dogs Dolce and Oreo.

Scott Hawksworth: Co-Founder

Scott is an entrepreneur with a passion for the web, music, and business (not necessarily in that order). Ever since he started his first web site in 5th grade (a fascinating Netscape-generated webpage all about Cheetahs), he’s been enamored with the power of the web to inform, inspire, and empower. He’s always looking for a new site to start and new subject to explore! An admitted cryptocurrency skeptic (a byproduct of being ridiculously conservative when it comes to finances), it took quite the story to convince him of the power of blockchain technology. Fortunately, Will’s journey provided that spark.

When he’s not starting or working on websites, Scott plays video games, guitar, piano, and cheers for his favorite football teams (Philadelphia Eagles, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Northwestern Wildcats). He’s a graduate of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business (yes you have a Buckeye and a Wolverine working together on a site… hell hath frozen ocee). He lives in Chicago with his wife and two cats, Dylan and Sebastian.

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