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Ethereum, Bitcoin & the Future of Crypto with Peter McCormack: Ep 06

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! For this episode our guest is Peter McCormack. In addition to being a podcaster, Peter has expertise in the world of Ethereum and bitcoin.

We’ll discuss the uses bitcoin has and what exactly bitcoin is. Peter’s answer is fascinating, be sure you check it out! We also go a bit in-depth on the lightning network and other technologies, along with why Peter is a little bearish on most non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies. Peter’s expertise is extremely welcome on the podcast. Listen in as he discusses the uses and technology behind some very popular cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin & the Lightning Network with Stephan Livera: Ep 05

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! For this episode our guest is Stephan Livera. He is a highly successful podcaster and master of bitcoin who has interviewed guests like Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter on his show.

We’ll be talking with Stephan about where bitcoin is now, what bitcoin’s future is and bitcoin’s lightning network. We’ll also discuss the role of bitcoin as a store of value versus as a currency. Stephan does an amazing job going in-depth on how bitcoin and the lightning network function. Join us as we find out what’s in store for the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

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Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrency and More with Gary Leland: Ep 04

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! For this episode we have a very special guest, Gary Leland. Gary Leland is a highly successful entrepreneur and serial podcaster who is associated with over 8 podcasts, including the immensely popular 4 Minute Crypto Show. He is also a co-founder of the Podcast Movement, a podcast conference that features some of the biggest names in the industry. Finally, he’s also an entrepreneur that owns the biggest wallpaper store in Texas.

He’ll be talking about his entrepreneurial journeys, and will show a variety of must-hear lessons for entrepreneurs. He’ll also be providing lots of guidance and insight on how to start an amazing podcast. Finally, he talks about cryptocurrency and where he believes the future is headed.

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Cryptocurrency Mining 101 with Ross Gemuend: Ep 03

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! Will is back hosting this week, and covering a topic that anyone interested in cryptos should know more about… cryptocurrency mining. It’s still very possible to mine cryptocurrency and make money with it, but having the proper equipment is a must! Our guest this week, Ross Gemuend had a lot of advice on this.

Ross Gemuend is the owner of CryptoCrane. CryptoCrane is a company that sells ASIC miners. Before that he worked in IT for several years. Ross found his start in cryptocurrency mining when a virus infected one of his client’s computers while working in IT. The virus infected the computer and used it to mine cryptocurrency. This was his “aha” moment. He thought “of all the things this virus could do to make money, it chose to mine cryptocurrency”. Armed with this knowledge he decided to investigate cryptocurrencies further, then started mining himself. Using his hard earned expertise he founded CryptoCrane.

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How To Make a Living Trading Cryptos with Will Salisbury: Ep 02

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! On this show, we’re going to be mixing things up a bit… our normal podcast host Will Salisbury gets in the hot seat and is interviewed by Blockchain Decrypted co-founder Scott Hawksworth!

Will has a fascinating story of how he went from missing out on making loads of cash with cryptocurrency, to taking the plunge and making crypto trading his full time job. Listen in to hear his insights on how to get started, and what the keys to trading are if you’re going to do it as a full time gig.

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Investing in Crypto with Stoyan Bojinov of Arro Financial Communications: Ep 01

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! Each episode, host Will Salisbury is joined by an expert from the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or finance to cover a wide range of topics in depth. Whether you’re looking for investment advice, or just want to hear about the latest in blockchain technology, you’ll find great tidbits! This first episode is discussion on investing in cryptocurrencies… the what, why, and how. Will is joined by Stoyan Bojinov, Content Director at Arro Financial Communications.

Stoyan holds a finance degree from DePaul University and has worked with ETF market analysis, content & financial tool creation, and financial marketing throughout his career. He’s become particularly enamored with cryptocurrencies as of late, and what possibilities they offer investors.

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Coming Soon: The Blockchain Decrypted Podcast

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes these past few months, and are almost ready to release our latest (and hopefully greatest) piece of blockchain goodness! The Blockchain Decrypted Podcast, hosted by our co-founder Will Salisbury is getting ready to release next Sunday, September 16th, 2018.

Each episode will feature Will sitting down with an expert in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or anything under those two large umbrellas. Investment advice, crypto mining advice, the future of blockchain technology…. we’ll cover it all! You’ll be able to subscribe and listen to the show on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and more.

So stay tuned, because we’re going to be “decrypting the blockchain” on a whole different level!