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Which Cryptocurrency Will Win the Digital Coin War?

Right now we’re in the MySpace era of digital currency. Which cryptocurrency will be the next Facebook? It won’t be bitcoin.

The simple answer is no one knows which cryptocurrencies will be at the forefront of the digital revolution. The next big cryptocurrency may even be one that hasn’t been developed yet.

Certain cryptocurrencies do stand out as contenders for the crown, however.

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When Will the Blockchain be Adopted by Most Businesses and How Will This Change the Future?

I’m sure most of you have the same burning question I do… When will the blockchain be adopted by the majority of businesses?

Well giving the answer up front, I would estimate that it will take 3-5 years for that to happen.


  • It will take two years to educate existing developers in blockchain coding (One year for them to be assimilated into the companies they get hired at and start working well with their teams).
  • Then it will take one to two years to actually implement blockchain tech in their respective companies.

That’s around 5 years.

But what are the various challenges facing mass blockchain adoption by businesses? What the world will look like when the blockchain is adopted? The numbers provide some interesting answers to these questions…

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Bitmain: Are They Legitimate and Will Their Miners Make You Money?

Ever wanted to own a box that sits on your floor and makes you money? Now you can.

That is the basic premise behind every cryptocurrency mining machine.

Whether it’s an ASIC like the ones Bitmain makes, or a graphics card mining rig, most people’s goal is to have a box that sits on their floor and makes them money.

Is Bitmain a reliable company to get a mining machine from? Read on to find out…

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Blockchain Coding Languages That Will Get You a Job

Did you know that understanding blockchain can lead to unique job opportunities?

Blockchain companies and subsequent employment positions are skyrocketing in growth. With increased demand comes increased pay too. In fact, blockchain development jobs can often have an average salary over $160,000 – $180,000, according to hackernoon.

In fact, blockchain developer salaries are over 20% higher than other software salaries.

So how do you break into this extremely sought after field?

You start by learning the right programming language.

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10 Best Blockchain Games Out Right Now

Making money while playing a video game might seem like a gamer’s fantasy…. but it’s become increasingly achievable thanks to Blockchain Games.

Blockchain games, typically featuring real money economies, tend to involve trading and collecting virtual items. Many of these types of games even offer a guarantee that you own the items/collectibles in the game. This is what many players find to be the most financially rewarding (and fun) aspect, since each item collected can translate into real world value.

In fact, some people are now doing blockchain games as their career and “work” at them for hours each day. So, whether you’re an absolute beginner to gaming or a seasoned pro, you may be wondering what some of the best blockchain games out today are.

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with this list of the top 10 blockchain games right now. Read on!
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Peter Gabriel Invests in Blockchain Food Transport Startup

It looks like Peter Gabriel, former Genesis frontman and solo artist, has blockchain in his eyes! The legendary singer is backing the blockchain food transport company Provenance.

How do you know your produce, fish or other good was created and transported in a moral, ecologically healthy way? At present, beyond the occasional sticker, you don’t. Provenance is looking to change that. They intend to track products from creation to their arrival on store shelves using the blockchain. They’ll then share that information with customers and businesses.

“We need to be able to trust the source and distribution chain, particularly when it comes to guaranteeing that things are produced ethically and in an ecologically sound way.” – Peter Gabriel

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Stanford University Launches Blockchain Research Center

Take out the test tubes, Blockchain Decrypted readers, because it’s time for some science!

Stanford University has launched the Center for Blockchain Research, partially supported by the Ethereum Foundation. Its goal is to examine how the blockchain can transform business interactions.

The Center for Blockchain Research has also received contributions from the Interchain Foundation, Protocol Labs, cryptocurrency exchange OmiseGO, PolyChain Capital and DFINITY Stiftung.Continue reading

Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked, Wave of Cryptocurrency Selloffs

With my first ever blog post on Blockchain Decrypted… we’re starting with some big news.

The South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Coinrail was hacked on Sunday, June 10th 2018. They lost approximately $40 million in cryptocurrency. Some believe this news, coupled with the announcement Friday that four exchanges are being investigated for price manipulation, is what has caused bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to drop over 10%.

Among the sites that take this position are NBC News, stating “The heist at Coinrail, a relatively small South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, sent the price of bitcoin tumbling to two-month lows as it once again highlighted the security risks and the weak regulation of global cryptocurrency markets.” Implying that a partial hack of a small cryptocurrency exchange with weak security made an entire market worth hundreds of billions of dollars drop by 10%.

Is that the whole story, though? I don’t believe so. And what does all of this mean, anyway? Is there an opportunity here to potentially make some money? This blog post will address these questions.

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