Investing in Crypto with Stoyan Bojinov of Arro Financial Communications: Ep 01

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! Each episode, host Will Salisbury is joined by an expert from the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or finance to cover a wide range of topics in depth. Whether you’re looking for investment advice, or just want to hear about the latest in blockchain technology, you’ll find great tidbits! This first episode is discussion on investing in cryptocurrencies… the what, why, and how. Will is joined by Stoyan Bojinov, Content Director at Arro Financial Communications.

Stoyan holds a finance degree from DePaul University and has worked with ETF market analysis, content & financial tool creation, and financial marketing throughout his career. He’s become particularly enamored with cryptocurrencies as of late, and what possibilities they offer investors.

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Key Episode Discussion Points:

  • Stoyan’s advice for someone who wants to dive into investing in cryptocurrencies, including the importance of sound investing fundamentals.
  • What a company like Arro Communications is doing when it comes to crypto investing or blockchain technology.
  • Stoyan’s thoughts on the underlying blockchain technology of cryptos from an investment perspective.
  • Stoyan’s recommended resources for crypto investing.
  • In addition to many others!

Connections and Further Information

Guest Feature: Arro Financial Communications

Arro Financial Communications is a boutique marketing agency specializing in the financial services industry. They specifically help ETF issuers & FinTech firms with launches, PR, content, creative & social. From targeted campaigns, to complete image overhauls, their nimble agency helps its assrt management clients navigate the quickly evolving new media landscape.

More specifically, they aid with strategic positioning and branding, public relations, advertising, search, content generation, and even video. When it comes to content and marketing needs, Arro brings expertise into many areas, with a comprehensive approach that makes it easier for FinTech firms and ETF issuers to only hire one firm. Their work has been featured in major publications around the globe including the Wall Street Journal, Forves, Reuters, Business Insider, CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Barron’s, and more.

About the Author Scott Hawksworth

Scott Hawksworth is the co-founder of Blockchain Decrypted. He's also the producer of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast. When he's not picking Will's brain about the world of blockchain technology, he enjoys watching football and relaxing at home with his wife and three cats.