Using Cryptocurrency Trading Bots with Phil Longhurst: Ep 04

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! This week we’re covering a fascinating portion of crypto trading, trading bots. Trading bots are basically automated programs designed to execute cryptocurrency trades for you and make you money.

Phil Longhurst is the owner of WolfPackBot. WolfPackBot is a product and company created by Phil Longhurst. Philip Longhurst is a mathematical prodigy, engineer, day trader, and animal rescuer. He has spent years trading on both the stock market and in crypto. After countless months of experimentation, frustrated with the performance of existing bots he decided to make his own. He believes his bot performs far better than the ones currently on the market and will rapidly rise to prominence.

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Key Episode Discussion Points:

  • What exactly a trading bot is.
  • How trading bots work and why it’s key to choose the right one.
  • Phil’s projections for where the crypto market is headed.
  • A brief analysis on NEM, a cryptocurrency backed by some fascinating technology.
  • A quick overview of Phil’s ICO project.
  • In addition to many others!

Featured on the Show

Guest Feature: WolfPackBot

WolfPackBot is a bot designed by Phil Longhurst after spending months frustrated with the limitations of existing bots. He intends to fix the issues that many other bots have, and does just that with WolfPackBot. WolfpackBOT is a “highly advanced cryptocurrency trading software that allows for the execution of trades at lightning speed using proprietary trading algorithms, proprietary “Werewolf” Trading Analysis configurations, or user customized settings based on personal trading style.”

“WolfpackBOT, the Wolfcoin Masternode and Proof of Stake 3.0 Blockchain, Wolfpack Consulting, and Wolfpack Philanthropy are one family unit with a common mission to empower all users with the tools necessary to achieve their goals in trading automation while also remaining environmentally conscious and contributing towards philanthropic endeavors.”

About the Author Will Salisbury

Will Salisbury is the co-founder of Blockchain Decrypted and full-time cryptocurrency trader. He also hosts the Blockchain Decrypted podcast, and when he's not talking or writing about blockchain technology and cryptos, he likes to play games and relax in his home state of Michigan.