How To Make a Living Trading Cryptos with Will Salisbury: Ep 02

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! On this show, we’re going to be mixing things up a bit… our normal podcast host Will Salisbury gets in the hot seat and is interviewed by Blockchain Decrypted co-founder Scott Hawksworth!

Will has a fascinating story of how he went from missing out on making loads of cash with cryptocurrency, to taking the plunge and making crypto trading his full time job. Listen in to hear his insights on how to get started, and what the keys to trading are if you’re going to do it as a full time gig.

Listen To The Show:

Key Episode Discussion Points:

  • Will’s journey into the world of cryptocurrency trading… starting with his background before “getting in”.
  • What Will learned from a huge missed opportunity back when he first heard about Bitcoin.
  • Will’s advice investing in cryptocurrency and when you should decide if you can make a living off of it.
  • Lessons from Will’s triumphs and failures in the world of high stakes cryptocurrency investing.
  • In addition to many others!

Connections and Further Information

Guest Feature: Blockchain Decrypted

Hey since we’re our own guests… why not feature ourselves too? Blockchain Decrypted was founded by Will Salisbury and Scott Hawksworth and aims to be the #1 source for information on blockchain technology AND cryptocurrencies.

How do we do it? Through thoughtful guides, blog posts, and our centerpiece… the blockchain decrypted podcast. Whether you’re totally new to all of this and just want to learn more, or a serious crypto trader looking for investment advice… we’ve got you covered!

Here are some key pages on the Blockchain Decrypted web site to check out:

About the Author Scott Hawksworth

Scott Hawksworth is the co-founder of Blockchain Decrypted. He's also the producer of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast. When he's not picking Will's brain about the world of blockchain technology, he enjoys watching football and relaxing at home with his wife and three cats.