How I Made $20k In 2 Months Trading Cryptos & You Can Too

Hello fellow crypto enthusiasts and welcome to this guide!

I’ll be sharing how I have a 95% success rate with trading over the past three months, and how you can too. This success rate led me to making over twenty thousand dollars in two months off of an $1,800 initial investment. I’ve used three methods in order to generate these results… two I learned and one I created myself.

Feel free to click on the links below to jump to a specific section and learn more… though if you want the best results I’d recommend you read it from start to finish!

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Will Salisbury
Co-Founder, Blockchain Decrypted

Table of Contents

  1. Background (A.K.A. Will’s Crypto Story) – Learn what prompted me to start trading cryptocurrencies.
  2. Method I: Quickfingers Luc Base Breaks – The active and daily method I use from YouTuber Quickfingersluc.
  3. Method II: Pristine-Style Swing Trading – A cryptocurrency application of a traditional stock trading method.
  4. Method III: Support/Resistance/Trend Trading – A strategy I developed myself (#humblebrag) that is time intensive but pays off in a big way.
  5. Sources – Additional links and information.

Background (A.K.A. Will’s Crypto Story)

For those that don’t want to mess with reading our about page, here’s the brief story. I started my cryptocurrency journey about 4 months ago. At the time I was running a website which despite my best efforts was failing. It was pulling in about $100 a month at most. Desperate and barely scraping by, I looked for an alternative method to make money from home. Fortunately for me, I found cryptocurrency day trading and investing. I studied it for hours every single day. I did a test run with $100 – a lot of money to me back then – and made $150 within a few weeks.

Excited, I dumped my entire net worth of about $1,800 into cryptocurrency day trading. The results were astounding. I made over $20,000 in just two months. I’d found my new job, but it was also a passion. I believe part of the reason I was successful was that I liked doing it, and I loved the lifestyle. Now I’m here to show all of you the basics of my methods and how they can work for you. Let’s get into the juicy stuff.

Method I: Quickfingersluc Base Breaks

My first and primary active (read: daily) method comes from a YouTuber named Quickfingersluc. His logical analysis and expertise are what helped me make over ten thousand of the $20,000 I made in that two month period. Basically, his method is to watch for a “base”, or line of support, that has a “bounce”, or significant jump. You look for this on an hourly chart. When the base breaks down about 5 or 10% in a panic, you start layering in buy orders. What happens next is magical. Like clockwork, 80% or more of the time the trade returns to where it was previously, netting you a tasty 10% profit on the trade or more. Here’s an image with examples of bases, each yellow line is a base:

I would like to thank quickfingersluc for his method and analysis, they have changed the way I look at all of my trades… not just the ones I take using his strategy. Without him I likely wouldn’t be trading today or talking to all of you. Here’s a brief list of the pros and cons I’ve found in Luc’s method:

Pros of the Quickfingersluc Base Breaks Method:

  1. Extraordinarily high success rate – 85%+ if you look at the history of the chart properly.
  2. Can make money in bullish, bearish and neutral markets.
  3. Trade opportunities occur multiple times per day, sometimes even 20-30 times per day.
  4. The method is designed specifically with the cryptocurrency market in mind.
  5. Can potentially make about 30-50% of your investment’s net worth in profit per month (much more if market conditions are correct).
  6. Can be in and out of trades very quickly, keeping high liquidity (2-3 days on average for 90% of trades).
  7. Limited risk as you only invest about 10% of your total account into any given trade.

Cons of the Quickfingersluc Base Breaks Method:

  1. No or very low stops to accommodate the “buy the panic” method.
  2. Can occasionally be “left holding bags” for very long periods of time if the trade doesn’t return to the base (unless you use an adjusted method like I do to eliminate this problem).
  3. At the mercy of trades being delisted on the market of your choosing, causing a cataclysmic drop in value… I learned this one the hard way, and fortunately this is very rare, happened only once in my over 200 or so trades.
  4. May not outpace a straight bull run (but what day trading method does).
  5. The method is only as good as you are at correctly spotting bases, which can be an art form at times.

Overall, I’d say that QFL’s (QuickFingersLuc’s) method is the one I use most frequent, and the one that lets me stay at home, doing this every day. My other methods are generally too slow to be treated as a day job, although they are highly successful too. On to the next!

Method II: Pristine-Style Swing Trading

I was taught in this method over a decade ago, before cryptocurrencies even existed. It’s for traditional stock trading. There are actually a couple of strategies, you can probably find them all if Pristine is still around (no idea if it is). My primary Pristine method is to watch the daily chart, looking for a pattern of 3-5 days down on decent volume. Ideally these 3-5 days fall to a level of support. I then look for one day up on large volume, indicating a pattern reversal. I buy above the high of the day. My target is below the next point of resistance, usually at least 30% profits. One of the key differences with the Pristine method are the tight stops. With Pristine, you put your stop below a level of support with a 3:1 minimum gain-loss ratio. Of the three methods, this was the one I ended up using the least after testing with a small $100 investment. The chart below shows a Pristine style trade:

Here are the pros & cons of the Pristine swing trading method….

Pros of the Pristine-Style Swing Trading Method:

  1. Safest trades – the tight stops prevent you from ever losing much money.
  2. Theoretically guaranteed results long term in bull markets – Even guessing purely randomly would potentially net success at a 3 to 1 risk-reward ratio.
  3. Very easy to see on a chart.
  4. Simple and easy to execute.

Cons of the Pristine-Style Swing Trading Method:

  1. Subject to bull markets becoming neutral or bear markets, which can happen in an instant in the crypto world.
  2. Can very easily bleed money as the tight stops make you susceptible to volatility.
  3. Method’s success rate is only 60% if you do everything flawlessly.
  4. Generally in most cases my least favorite of the three methods, but I did use it profitably so felt I should include it here.
  5. As mentioned, this is my least favorite of the three methods I used. It’s also the one I recommend the least. I would advise against using this as your primary, or even your secondary trading method. Simply because the success rate pales in comparison to the other two methods. You could potentially find yourself losing money with this method. Why do that when the other two methods in my experience don’t have as much of that risk?

Method III: Support/Resistance/Trend Trading

This one I’m proud of, because as far as I know I came up with it myself. I’m sure it’s been done, but this is the only method I used that wasn’t based off of something I found studying or on the internet. Basically, you study a given crypto for a super long period of time – like, a year or two. You also look at price projections for the crypto in question, low medium and high… Up to one year into the future.

The amount of research that goes into this method is insane, but it can pay off. You watch the crypto’s movements for a while. You basically get to know it really thoroughly. You may eventually get a feel for when it’s at a good, low price, when it’s at a medium price, and when it’s at a high price in present market conditions. Using this method I bought Ethereum at two hundred dollars, and sold a lot at $1,000. That’s a five fold increase. Using this method I made over $8,000 in two months! This method definitely needs its own blog post to get into the nitty gritty of, so I’ll just show my Ethereum trade for all of you to see:

My very first trade… and one of my longest. I was so scared buying that Ethereum. It was actually about 6 months ago, not 4. How time flies!! That was also one of my longest held trades. Initially I just let it sit, until I discovered quickfingerluc’s method. Then in a two month period I started trading Ethereum and btc pairs actively (and very profitably). Between the gains in Ethereum, other crypto investing using this method, and day trading with quickfingersluc I made $20,000 in two months.

Here are the pros & cons of my method…

Pros of the Support/Resistance/Trend Trading Method:

  1. Literally anyone that devotes time may be able to do this, minimal technical knowledge is required.
  2. Incredibly flexible time scale – you’re not looking to exit your trade within X time frame.
  3. Unlimited potential profits – if you want, you can hold a winning trade for months rather than looking to exit the majority within days/weeks as with the previous two methods.
  4. Easier/less stressful than the previous two methods – you’re often taking the long view.
  5. Knowing a trading pair crypto intimately is doubly beneficial – buy it at a great price, then use it to trade using QFL’s method (that’s what I did with ethereum).
  6. Can comfortably hold through bearish periods, because if done correctly you should have gotten the crypto at a low average price.

Cons of the Support/Resistance/Trend Trading:

  1. Can tie up your money for long periods of time – you don’t know when the crypto in question will hit your target, you just know that it will eventually return to that “sweet spot.”
  2. Absolutely not a day trading method or something you can do as a day job, opportunities will likely be infrequent.
  3. Can only do this with 3-5 cryptos unless you love doing research all day every day.
  4. Basically while great as a secondary method, it still is a secondary method.
  5. Could theoretically choose the wrong crypto to focus on (although if it’s one that’s either on Coinbase or likely to be you can’t really go wrong).
  6. While this isn’t my primary method, it is my favorite. As I learn more about Ethereum (my main focus of research) I see more and more opportunities for trades. Plus… I have a 100% success rate with this method. That’s right. Thus far, in my 3 months ish of trading, none of my trades using this method have failed. In fact, I’ve never even been stuck in Ethereum for a super long period of time. And I know the movements of Ethereum like the back of my hand. I’ve been watching it every two or three days for over four months. Before that, I had researched the price history and price projections up to a year out.

I know the potential of Ethereum, and I believe in the platform. That’s one small part of the reason I chose Ethereum as my focus for this method. Between methods I and III, I made $18,000 in two months.

So… what now?

This guide was intended as an introduction to show you the methods I used to make the money I did, and show that there’s no magic to it. Using these methods, I absolutely believe you can make the same amount I did, off of a similar initial investment. If this post helps a few people make several hundred dollars per month, it will have been worth it to me. I truly hope this helps all of you out and I wish you the best.


  1. Quickfingers Luc’s Trading Method
  2. Pristine’s Trading Method