10 Best Blockchain Games Out Right Now

Making money while playing a video game might seem like a gamer’s fantasy…. but it’s become increasingly achievable thanks to Blockchain Games.

Blockchain games, typically featuring real money economies, tend to involve trading and collecting virtual items. Many of these types of games even offer a guarantee that you own the items/collectibles in the game. This is what many players find to be the most financially rewarding (and fun) aspect, since each item collected can translate into real world value.

In fact, some people are now doing blockchain games as their career and “work” at them for hours each day. So, whether you’re an absolute beginner to gaming or a seasoned pro, you may be wondering what some of the best blockchain games out today are.

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with this list of the top 10 blockchain games right now. Read on!

1. Cryptokitties

Ah yes, the granddaddy of crypto games. In Cryptokitties, you breed and trade digital cats with unique attributes. Certain attributes can be very rare. This makes some cats more valuable and desired than others. Additionally, each cat has a “generation”. The earlier the generation the more valuable the cat is. The earliest generation is gen 0. Gen 0 cats frequently go for thousands of dollars.

Personally, I question the longevity of Cryptokitties, because you can breed cats infinitely. I don’t see any reason why the constant breeding of cats won’t lead to “kitty inflation”, constantly pushing the value of your precious kitties downwards. Nonetheless it’s a very cool game, and there are some absolutely crazy looking cat breeds out there.

Rating: 7/10

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2. Crypto Countries

Personally I’m a little skeptical about this game. Crypto Countries is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a real estate game where you buy and trade countries. They also recently released the ability to buy and trade cities. It’s really cool to buy a country and see the world map update to show that you own it. Be aware though that countries aren’t cheap! They’re often over $800.

Also, I’m not clear on the utility of cities – they don’t seem to appear on the map. They also don’t appear to do much at present. Of course, that also means they’re very cheap (you can purchase one for around $30 or less at time of writing). There are plans for them to be upgrade-able in the future.

Ultimately I don’t know if I’d recommend this game to other people – it’s important to note that countries change hands VERY slowly. (Think months) So it’s not a game you can truly “play”. However if the idea of being a long term real estate mogul appeals to you this is definitely your game.

Rating: 5/10

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3. Spells of Genesis

If only this game were like Magic: The Gathering rather than pool! Spells of Genesis is a billiards-esque game that also tells the story of cryptocurrency in a fantasy light. You can collect and upgrade cards, which then shoot spells and try to bank shots into enemies (basically like a game of pool). Additionally, there are some RPG elements as you have a character that levels up.

Personally, a simplified game of pool isn’t my cup of tea, so I just couldn’t dive into this app. To be clear though it’s absolutely spectacular for what it is. If you’re the kind of person that loves any kind of billiards game and is constantly looking for new ones you’ll be in heaven playing this. Additionally, over the next year they’re allowing you to turn cards earned in the app into cryptocurrency which is totally awesome.

Rating: 8/10

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4. Fishbank

Fishbank is a fun, PvP oriented game in which you try to eat other fish to grow your own. The strategies you use to win long term are surprisingly deep and complex. They’re also well guarded secrets, so be aware of that going in! Once you own a fish, unless you buy a shield for it it can be attacked at any time. However you can also eat others at any time. You can also combine your fish to make bigger, stronger fish. Finally you can sell / trade these fish for Ethereum.

The bigger and meaner a fish is, the more value it has in Ethereum. Some fish are even worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Ironically, these fish are often “whales”. If you like extremely deep, competitive PvP games where you really have to study and think hard to gain a winning strategy, this is the game you should play.

Once you have found a strategy, one of the great things about this game is you’re rewarded instantly. You start winning fights and your fish becomes worth more and more money.

Rating: 8/10

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5. Etherbots

This game is one of the most appealing on this list to me. Etherbots is a fully fleshed out game in which you collect and duel robots. I love everything about this, as I’m a sci-fi nut. The artwork is well done and interesting and the game design seems well thought out. There are over 10 developers working 14 hour days to make this one beast of a game. It’s even recommended by hackernoon!

What else is there to say? Go try this game out! The international release of this game should be happening very soon after you see this article (if it hasn’t already).

Rating: 9/10

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6. Etheremon

Like Pokemon and cryptocurrencies? This is the game for you. Etheremon is basically Pokemon on the blockchain, I’m not entirely sure how they pulled this off without running into licensing issues haha. In Etheremon you collect, trade and train Pokemon… err… Etheremon and battle them against other players.

If you’ve been dreaming of having an online Pokemon game you could play on your PC, this is it. Does it help that you can also make money playing this game by selling the Etheremon you collect and train? I don’t understand how this game could fail, it’s a combination of Pokemon and making money… Win?

Rating: 8/10

7. CryptoCities

Competitor to CryptoCountries. CryptoCities is another real estate mogul-esque game. What’s cool about this one is that you can battle with your cities and earn gold. You can also upgrade your cities and conquer territory. Basically this is the cities aspect of CryptoCountries with the ability to actually do something with your cities. So it sounds excellent.

For those bent on world domination, check out this game. I like the idea of a PvP centric real estate game. Especially one where your territory increases in monetary value as you enhance it. Yes, like a lot of other games on this list you can trade and sell your assets for Ethereum.

Rating: 8.5/10

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8. CryptoArts

Ever dreamed of being an art collector? Pull up a chair. In CryptoArts, you collect and trade art pieces. One innovative feature of this game though is that your art can be viewed in VR. This game is focused on those fascinated with art. It features a large selection of iconic, beautiful pieces of art to purchase.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Van Gogh but aren’t a billionaire oil tycoon, you’ve come to the right place.

At first I hesitated to label this a game, as it’s all about collecting art. However some of the other games on this list are largely built on the collectible idea so I decided to loosen my definition.

This game earns major points as it allows individual artists and art galleries to host exhibitions. Anything that tries to help artists seems like a worthy cause in my book.

The only issue is there are two other games competing in this exact same space. I’m not sure which will end up being the go-to art game.

Rating: 6/10

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9. EtherQuest

Etherquest is another “collect, train and trade” Ethereum game. You collect warriors and train them / trade them. You can also battle other players. This one seems a little generic, the theme seems to simply be “it’s fantasy”.

I don’t see much unique or interesting about this one. Additionally I can’t find a whitepaper or road map, which is a bad sign. It feels like a reskinned version of Cryptokitties, only instead of Cryptokitties you have rpg characters.

This is very disappointing because you’d think a game named EtherQuest would have, you know… Quests. When I heard the title I was thinking this would be a cool MMORPG using blockchain or something. Nope, instead you collect and train warriors.

But hey, if you love fantasy and trading stuff this could be your jam.

Rating: 5/10

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10. CryptoFighters

A fairly blatant Cryptokitties ripoff. In CryptoFighters you collect fantasy fighters, trade them and battle in an arena to recruit new ones. Again, no road map or whitepaper. This is a red flag because it indicates that the developers may not have a long term vision for their project.

The game even looks like Cryptokitties, with the fantasy fighters having “genes”, or unique attributes. The main difference is that you can battle. I don’t see that as enough of a differentiation.

Rating: 4/10

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Final Blockchain Games Verdict

***Disclaimer: Don’t put more than about $50 into any blockchain game initially. Never put more money than you can afford to lose into a blockchain game.***

Overall, my top 3 choices of blockchain games are 1. Etherbots 2. CryptoCities and 3. Etheremon. I believe that any of those three will let you have a great time for a long time to come.

Always remember that the prices of digital assets in these games can fluctuate greatly. They’re mini-economies and behave as such. Sometimes prices are inflated, sometimes prices crash. A good general rule of thumb is that as the player base of a game grows, the price increases (demand increases). If the player base of a game is declining, the price decreases (less demand, older players trying to sell stuff).

Hopefully you found this helpful. I put a lot of work into it! Now go, have fun with the games on this list!

About the Author Will Salisbury

Will Salisbury is the co-founder of Blockchain Decrypted and full-time cryptocurrency trader. He also hosts the Blockchain Decrypted podcast, and when he's not talking or writing about blockchain technology and cryptos, he likes to play games and relax in his home state of Michigan.