Stanford University Launches Blockchain Research Center

Take out the test tubes, Blockchain Decrypted readers, because it’s time for some science!

Stanford University has launched the Center for Blockchain Research, partially supported by the Ethereum Foundation. Its goal is to examine how the blockchain can transform business interactions.

The Center for Blockchain Research has also received contributions from the Interchain Foundation, Protocol Labs, cryptocurrency exchange OmiseGO, PolyChain Capital and DFINITY Stiftung.

Additionally, the five-year research program will be led by professors of computer science Dan Boneh and David Mazières. They’ll be supported by a variety of Stanford professors whose backgrounds include engineering, particle physics and law.

Finally, the Center will also provide classes and seminars / outreach designed to educate people about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as shown on their website.

A Delicious Salisbury Take

I’m very glad to see more organized efforts to advance blockchain technology. America is currently in a race with China, Russia and other nations to determine who will make the most of the blockchain and all it has to offer.

Regarding the blockchain, Putin has said “The Stone Age did not end due to the lack of stones, but because new technologies appeared.” He and many others believe this technology is of extreme national importance.

It’s good to see a renowned American institution devoted to furthering blockchain technology.

The question is what results and how much funding this research center will achieve. It sounds very promising and there are some extremely intelligent people behind the Center for Blockchain Research. At present the team is relatively small at seven people. Will they really make a splash in the ocean of blockchain?

Then again, Vitalik Buterin is just one person, and he is the main force behind Ethereum. If one man can be the driving force behind Ethereum, let’s see what seven can do in 5 years.

Let’s see what this research center comes up with, I’m definitely rooting for them.

About the Author Will Salisbury

Will Salisbury is the co-founder of Blockchain Decrypted and full-time cryptocurrency trader. He also hosts the Blockchain Decrypted podcast, and when he's not talking or writing about blockchain technology and cryptos, he likes to play games and relax in his home state of Michigan.