The Hottest Blockchain Jobs in 2018

You’ve studied blockchain. You’re enthusiastic about it. Now you’re all set to find a job.

What are the most in demand blockchain jobs? You’ve come to the right place to find out. Beyond the obvious answer of “blockchain developer”, there are several other opportunities to explore. These jobs will be ranked from most in demand to least.

1. Blockchain Developer

By far the most important blockchain job. Also has the most demand and is the highest paying. Any company that wants to develop blockchain technology can’t start without a team of these guys.

2. Project Manager

Every team of blockchain developers needs a project manager. Their job is to facilitate communication between team members and the rest of the company.

Project managers are key to any successful dev team. Part of their job is to convert the technical language of the dev team to something the decision makers in the company can understand.

Project managers are also in charge of communicating with other companies. They often represent the business when the business needs to communicate with other businesses, which is extremely important.

3. Web Designer

A very large portion of blockchain jobs will require a website. For example, most dapps (Decentralized Applications) require an extremely well-designed and intuitive website.

For this we need web designers.

Not to be confused with web developers, it’s a web designer’s job to make your website look and “feel” as good as possible. They’re the artistic side of web development.

For any serious, professional and large scale web-based blockchain endeavor you’re going to need at least one web designer.

They’re also mandatory for any browser-based blockchain games. For example one of the reasons CryptoKitties, a web browser based blockchain game, was so successful was its distinct art style. That can be attributed to its web design.

4. Web Developer

The yang to the web designer’s yin, web developers are the ones that actually build a website and code it. Web developers are responsible for the “back end”, or the functions the user doesn’t see. Web designers are responsible for the “front end”, or everything the user sees.

It should be pretty clear why web devs are needed; you can’t have a website without one!

Web designers and web developers are pretty interchangeable as far as demand goes. For any large scale website you need both.

5. Quality Assurance

One of the most unappreciated technical jobs, but also the most important. Quality Assurance professionals are the guys that test the crap out of your technology, trying to break it and report bugs. Quality Assurance is the difference between having a successful product and a buggy mess.

Undervaluing QA is an easy mistake to make; even massive software companies often do it. Any time you run into software that is frustrating to use because of crashes or glitches you can thank insufficient QA.

Be very careful when searching for QA jobs. As I’ve said Quality Assurance professionals are often looked down upon and viewed as the “lowest rung” of the software development ladder. Make sure the company you’re going to work at will treat you well.

Also make sure you have the stomach for QA work. You’ll be spending hours on end doing the same actions over and over trying to replicate software glitches while taking meticulous notes.

6. Cyber Security

There are several different jobs that fall under this category – security consultant, security architect and incident responder to name a few. If you’re interested in cyber security, I recommend this list of cyber security jobs for further information.

Cyber security is essential because pretty much anything related to the blockchain is a prime target for hackers. Hackers will do their utmost to break into secure systems, gaining information or digital currency. Companies stand to lose millions of dollars if their blockchain endeavor isn’t secure.

I can’t overstate how important it is to have extremely thorough security once a blockchain project is up and running. All it takes is one bad hack and a company will lose the trust of its user base forever. Additionally, that company could be liable for millions of dollars and having to acknowledge that it gave the private details of its customers to malicious actors.

Don’t be Mount Gox! Make sure your blockchain endeavor has good cyber security.

For those interested in hacking and security systems, this is a great career to pursue and is extremely versatile.

7. Marketing, Advertising & Sales

There isn’t much point in having blockchain technology if no one knows about it!

Having an extremely professional whitepaper and excellent outreach are critical to any blockchain endeavor.

These jobs are self explanatory and very similar to their more traditional non-blockchain counterparts.

If you’re interested in marketing, advertising or sales and have a strong understanding of blockchain technology this is the career for you.

8. Financial Sector Jobs

An up and coming field, once regulation for cryptocurrencies are in place this field will explode.

Similar to the previous category, there are tons of jobs that fall under this category. From financial technologists to accountants to economic advisers there are a wide variety of careers you can pursue in this sector.

If you’re interested in economics these are the jobs for you.

If blockchain technology takes off and the majority of companies embrace it, their databases will need to be integrated with the new technology. This is where financial technologists come in. One of their duties is record keeping. If an entire database needs to be transferred, this will likely be their primary duty.

For any company incorporating blockchain a plan on how to monetize the technology will be key. Economic advisers help with this. Examples of an economic adviser’s duties can range from finding the ideal pricing for a blockchain based service to designing a blockchain game’s economy.

The bottom line and keeping costs down are critical for any company. Another thing to note is that once cryptocurrency is regulated and banks embrace the technology there will be a brand new jobs market opening up.

The question is how long this will take. It’s entirely based on when cryptocurrencies become regulated, and then how long it takes for banks to decide to enter the sector.

I have some contacts in the banking industry and they told me they were already looking at getting into the space. They told me they can’t however without regulation in place.

Now may be a good time to start studying for a career in blockchain banking as it’s quite possible regulation will be passed within a year or two.

9. Research, Scientific & Teaching Jobs

For the more academic among us, there’s also the research, scientific and teaching jobs.

Blockchain research jobs focus on revealing what new applications blockchain can be used for in the future. It’s because of blockchain research that we figured out that blockchain is incredible for tracking food shipments, diamonds and other goods.

Scientific blockchain jobs are extremely broad. Many will be focused in the healthcare industry, centering on the variety of uses blockchain has for that industry.

In particular, the blockchain’s incredible data tracking capabilities could be used for tracking patient data, including the data from wearable medical devices. The blockchain could also enhance the healthcare industry’s supply chain, optimizing it in ways we can’t even foresee at present.

Blockchain education and teaching is pretty self explanatory. For educators and those interested in teaching this is the natural choice. You’ll be giving the next generation the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive job market.

At present there aren’t tons of courses available in blockchain education, and there certainly aren’t many degrees in blockchain technology. As blockchain sees more and more adoption this will change, but right now it presents a unique opportunity.

The number of courses on blockchain is growing with the hype and interest however, so this is a great time to get started educating people on blockchain technology.

So Many Choices! Which Should I Pursue?

Ultimately, I’d advise you to choose a career based on your interests rather than what is the most in demand. Any of the above careers will have tons of jobs available. The entire blockchain industry is just starting, and as with any emerging industry it will need a huge workforce.

You’ll be more motivated to actually find a job if the idea of finding your career makes you happy. And this will only happen if you’re in a job sector that is of interest to you.

Blockchain is flexible enough that it applies to most industries. So it’s less a question of where the demand is and more a question of where your interest lies.

About the Author Will Salisbury

Will Salisbury is the co-founder of Blockchain Decrypted and full-time cryptocurrency trader. He also hosts the Blockchain Decrypted podcast, and when he's not talking or writing about blockchain technology and cryptos, he likes to play games and relax in his home state of Michigan.