The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Traders I Follow

Ever wondered who some of the masters of crypto are? If you want to stay up to date it’s a good idea to follow the experts. But always remember, consider the source.

The traders I’m about to recommend are all highly skilled and successful. You can’t go wrong getting advice from any one of them!

1. Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt has been trading successfully for decades. He took a $1,000 investment in cryptocurrency and turned it into $300,000.

He is an expert at the CME, and has focused his long years of experience on cryptocurrency. He built a team around himself that now focuses on educating people on some of his favorite methods of trading cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, his education platform is very expensive.

I greatly respect him and his kind, grandfatherly and honest manner.

2. Quickfingers Luc

Quickfingers Luc was the man that helped me start my trading career. His innovative strategies and unique terminology helped inspire me to start trading.

His trading strategy made me a good amount of money, and he has generously shared some of his top picks with his YouTube audience before. Unfortunately at present he’s focusing on the traditional stock market, I’m hoping eventually he decides to focus on crypto.

3. ฿TF%$D!

฿TF%$D! is a pseudonymous crypto trader who posts humorous but highly accurate cryptocurrency reality checks on Twitter. He’ll sometimes share his trades as well.

He’s one of the most watched traders in the industry, and while I don’t agree with all the stances he takes I respect him for his blunt honesty.

His advice is often on point as well – for example he suggested to buy Ethereum right before it jumped in price at one point.

4. The Cryptoverse

The Cryptoverse is where I go to dive deep on fundamentals of cryptocurrency I don’t really understand. Their thorough, in-depth analysis of all things cryptocurrency are extremely helpful.

I don’t go to them to learn about individual trades per se, but I will learn about the fundamentals of crypto, which helps me plan out where I think long-term trades will end up. They also help inform me on where the crypto market itself may end up.

5. Eric Choe

Eric Choe is an up-and-coming trader and extremely sharp. Eric graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a Concentration in Econometrics. He also earned a minor in business. Finally, he placed in the top 15% for the CME group’s annual trading competition (#1 in Texas).

While he verges dangerously close to violating my “don’t put too much spaghetti on your trading charts” rule, his analysis has been highly accurate and he makes excellent points.

He has successfully identified bottoms in cryptocurrencies before and I believe he’ll be a huge success in the future.

Things to Watch out for When Looking for a Source of Crypto Advice

As I mentioned at the top: Consider the source.

If a trader never shows losing trades and brags daily about his massive success, watch out. There are snake oil salesmen out there that only profit from the ad revenue on their YouTube channel, not their trading.

Ask yourself what the background of the trader is and how long they’ve been trading for. Did they trade successfully in the past? Do they show what their initial investment was, and how much they’ve profited since then? Do they use a pseudonym and provide no information on their trading history?

One trick I like to use is to look at the predictions they’ve made in the past, and how far off they were. I saw a number of “expert” traders telling people to sell all their bitcoin at $2,000 before it went to $19,000 when I did this.

It’s okay if they’re a little off, but I wouldn’t be comfortable taking advice from people that cost me 10x on my money. Try to look at comments on reddit about the trader in question – don’t take one comment as gospel but consider the overall positive or negative attitude toward the trader.

Any of the five traders/educators I mentioned are great sources of advice. Pick one that goes with your style and preferred method of learning and grow your knowledge!

About the Author Will Salisbury

Will Salisbury is the co-founder of Blockchain Decrypted and full-time cryptocurrency trader. He also hosts the Blockchain Decrypted podcast, and when he's not talking or writing about blockchain technology and cryptos, he likes to play games and relax in his home state of Michigan.